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DC WOMEN presents:

"My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit"

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Lois Lane~<3


Batman/Superman #13

Let us all remember that Lois “HBIC” Lane is not someone to be fucked with. 


Lois Lane’s Rules of Reporting:

1) Always know your source.
2) Always make a good first impression (and don’t screw up with the boss).
3) Do whatever it takes to get the story.
4) If something seems too weird to be true, it usually is.
5) Never take deadlines too seriously.
6) Triple check your facts.
7) Put all the good stuff at the beggining.

My name is Lois Lane. The final edition of The Daily Planet rolled off the presses today. I wrote the last story. Jimmy Olsen took the pictures. It’s the story of the people we loved. The story of the death of Batman. Of how he, just a man, had fatally wounded the god of evil. The story of who we were. And what we stood for. And how we fought for what we believed in, until the very end. Call it a message in a bottle. […] This is the story of the last superheroes. And the machine they made to save the world. This is the story of all our stories. And this is how it ends. […]  We lost good friends and saw what the worst in us could do if we let it loose. And we saw the best too. — Final Crisis

Henry Cavill and Miss Amy Adams take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, 26th August 2014.

6 buckets for Superman :)

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Super-sleuths took a page out of Lois Lane’s notebook and uncovered our secret. Here is the final teaser image for “Lois Lane: Fallout” available May 2015 from Switch Press


Lois Lane will be getting the YA novel treatment come January from author Gwenda Bond. The book, titled Fallout, is from Capstone/Switch will focus on young Lois Lane just starting out in Metropolis. The 304 page book will be released in January (Update: the writer says May). Will Superman appear? Check out the blurb below to see.


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Looking good Gwenda!

Lois Lane: Fallout coming MAY 2015 from Switch Press


If you’re having a bad day here are a few baby animal pictures which surely should cheer you up!  :D

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Happy Birthday, Amy Adams